Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ben and jerry
Hi. My name is Jerry and Ben is my older brother. We live on a farm and it is always hard work. We have to go plant corn and pull carrots. But it’s normally worth it, unless there a twister, which is exactly what happened.  At ten o‘clock it started raining. After a while, it just stopped, and our radio stopped. Then we heard a noise that sounded like a freight train and that is when we realized that there was a tornado coming, so we ran down to the basement but I was the last one down and almost got sucked up but my brother grabbed me by the arm and wouldn’t let go. I was so glad when it was over, but the one thing I was devastated about was our house.  It was totally gone, all that was left was the foundation.  It took a few years to rebuild our house but we were okay.  It turns out it was a EF5 tornado.


The twin towers

9:03 am September 11 disaster struck a hijacked plane crashed into the south tower. Later on a second hijacked plane flew into the north tower which weakened its internal structure. The other tower started to collapse in on itself. it was a nightmare in motion. 2,977 people died that terrible day. Families lost their loved ones. But, there was one up side to this story blind man and his dog made it down 49 flights of stairs. It will take many years to forget 9/11.


Tom the turkey
Hi! I am a turkey named. In addition, I hate thanksgiving. And if your wondering why I hate thanksgiving it’s because they eat turkeys. I’m normally ok with that but this is were I cross the line! It all started that morning I woke up and ate my breakfast after that I went to look for my mother but all I found was a few feathers. I was so mad that I ran across the farm and into the woods. And sat on the pier I noticed A little box tied onto the pier. So I decided to go for  a little ride. I thought it was genius. But my design soon caught a flaw. I got hungry. But before I could chew a hole in the box. I saw a pile of fish. so I paddled across the river to the  island I ran over to take a bite but before I could take even one lick. I felt something breathing behind me. I was petrified with fear I look behind me. And there stood a big tall grizzly bear. I scampered over to my box . and got back in it but then I saw a huge waterfall. But luckily there was a ledge close enough for me to jump on so I had 2 choices either go over the   waterfall, or jump onto the ledge. But I decided to jump onto the ledge but when I jumped I slipped. But someone grabbed me and pulled me back up. I guess I was wrong about people after all.