Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Tom the turkey
Hi! I am a turkey named. In addition, I hate thanksgiving. And if your wondering why I hate thanksgiving it’s because they eat turkeys. I’m normally ok with that but this is were I cross the line! It all started that morning I woke up and ate my breakfast after that I went to look for my mother but all I found was a few feathers. I was so mad that I ran across the farm and into the woods. And sat on the pier I noticed A little box tied onto the pier. So I decided to go for  a little ride. I thought it was genius. But my design soon caught a flaw. I got hungry. But before I could chew a hole in the box. I saw a pile of fish. so I paddled across the river to the  island I ran over to take a bite but before I could take even one lick. I felt something breathing behind me. I was petrified with fear I look behind me. And there stood a big tall grizzly bear. I scampered over to my box . and got back in it but then I saw a huge waterfall. But luckily there was a ledge close enough for me to jump on so I had 2 choices either go over the   waterfall, or jump onto the ledge. But I decided to jump onto the ledge but when I jumped I slipped. But someone grabbed me and pulled me back up. I guess I was wrong about people after all.

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  1. Great story, Jess! I like the additions you made to it.