Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ben and jerry
Hi. My name is Jerry and Ben is my older brother. We live on a farm and it is always hard work. We have to go plant corn and pull carrots. But it’s normally worth it, unless there a twister, which is exactly what happened.  At ten o‘clock it started raining. After a while, it just stopped, and our radio stopped. Then we heard a noise that sounded like a freight train and that is when we realized that there was a tornado coming, so we ran down to the basement but I was the last one down and almost got sucked up but my brother grabbed me by the arm and wouldn’t let go. I was so glad when it was over, but the one thing I was devastated about was our house.  It was totally gone, all that was left was the foundation.  It took a few years to rebuild our house but we were okay.  It turns out it was a EF5 tornado.

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